About Schoolrosta

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What is Schoolrosta

Schoolrosta is designed to help people find good schools around their neighbourhood. You can search for schools you are craving to know more about and get tips and details from real people sharing information along the way. Use Schoolrosta to share what you know about your school and other schools you have visited. We'll recommend your thoughts and information to others who are willing to know more about these schools. In case you don't have all answers to information on a school profile found, you can invite friends and collegues to join you in completing the task.

School Verification

School owners/authority should claim their school's profile page so as to restrict further modifications on them, at any time, by users. The verified icon serves as the identity of a school that is verified and updated solely by the school authority.
If you'd like to verify your school information found on Schoolrosta, please use the "Claim it" button on your school's profile page to send a request, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Company Information

The website under schoolrosta.com and the services on these pages are being offered to you by

Wankel Concept | feedback@thewankel.com