Frequently Asked Questions

No one has asked them yet, they are there just in case you want to know more.

Who uses Schoolrosta?

You'll find a wide range of people on Schoolrosta, including students, alumni and locals who are "in the know" about schools in their city, visitors who wants to get an insider's local perspective and anyone trying to find a good school.

Why join Schoolrosta?

It's a great spot to get information about schools you have been craving to know more about, from real people willing to help, and share tips and details about schools they know.

What should I do on Schoolrosta?

Any school with a physical presence is a fair game. Think: playgroup, primary and secondary schools. Search for a school and share what you know about the school, according to questions asked. Invite friends, schoolmates to join you in completing some task you couldn't finish up. If you are just here to search for good schools, then yes; we will recommend them.

Does my contribution ever get removed?

It depends. Your contribution to a school's profile page, can be modified by someone else. School authority may also decide to take control of their school page too. You will be notified at all times when these changes happen.

Are there rewards for my contribution?

Yes, gifts will be given out to top contributors periodically. Winners will be announced on our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, it's important you stay up to date. You will also be notified via email if you emerge top contributor.

How does a school information end up on Schoolrosta?

We license basic school information from a third party provider who gathers this type of information from public records and other sources. We also get school information from our users who are helpful enough to correct the info we have, or let us know about other schools we have not added yet. Please feel free to let us know if the information we have is incorrect.

Can I add my school to Schoolrosta?

Yes, you can. If a school you searched for doesn't exist on live search, Schoolrosta prompts you to add such school.

So what does Schoolrosta do to schools added by its users?

When we get a notification to add any school from our users, we check to know if the school really exist before publishing it.

What are verified schools?

These are schools who manage their pages themselves on Schoolrosta. They have sole access to modify information on their respective school pages.

How do I verify my school?

Please use the "Claim it" button found on your school's profile page to send a verification request to us. We will respond immediately to it. Only school owners/school authority claim their school.

Can I invite my friends to join?

Schoolrosta is so much better when people you know are here. So invite all your friends, family, school mates and work colleagues, maybe even some enemies just as long as they have some fantastic information about schools.

I have this cool idea to add to it. Can I make suggestions to Schoolrosta?

Yes. We have just kicked off, and we are open to innovative ideas to improve this community. Just in case you have any suggestion to make, please complete this form; we'd love to have them.

How can my business, brand or agency work with Schoolrosta?

Whether you are a school owner, a small business owner, a national chain, or a brand, Schoolrosta can provide you with tools to engage with your customers and fans. For more information, please contact us.

Updated: June 06, 2014.